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Why Re-Carpet

If you need reasons to re-do your carpet, SLOANE’S CARPET SECRET can make suggestions that you’ll relate to….

1.Your 4-legged friends.  The family pets are finally “gone” and it’s time to get rid of the old, stained carpet with a great value carpet from Sloane’s.

2. You’re moving in.
Why would you want to live with someone else’s choices and someone else’s dirt?? This is your home now-make it your own.

3. The kids are finally gone. It’s time to get your home updated in what YOU want. You definitely deserve high quality carpet and it’s your time.

4. You want to move out. Your castle will sell faster & you’ll get a better price if the dated carpet & drab paint are replaced with a fresh, clean, updated look from Sloane’s Carpet Secret.

5.  Relatives are coming to visit. Talk about incentive. Stop procrastinating about that ugly burgundy color carpet. Replace it before they ring the doorbell.  (Plus, it’ll make them envious).

6. Your “ex” is finally out of the house. It’s time for a fresh outlook and doing what you really want to do in your home. This time, you get to decide!!!

7. Because you want to.  Selecting new discount carpet from Sloane’s Carpet Secret can be a real spirit lifter. You’ll enjoy your home more and you’ll wish you would have done it sooner.