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Commercial Carpet

Commercial Carpeting to Enhance Your Workplace

Commercial Carpet Denver

You and your team work hard — your carpet should, too. That’s where Sloane’s Carpet Secret can help. We can turn your commercial or office space into a bright, refreshed space at a fraction of the cost of retail carpeting.

How is commercial carpet different?

The carpeting in an office space has to be much more durable than the carpet you’re used to seeing in your home. People wear shoes on it, it has to stand up to much more frequent cleanings, and it sees a huge amount of foot traffic that can wear down carpet fibers quickly and ruin the aesthetic of your office.

Commercial carpeting is also usually a shorter pile that doesn’t collect dirt and debris, looks professional for a long time to come, and won’t spread flame in the unlikely event of a fire in the building.

What’s our secret to saving you money?

Sloane’s sells premium carpet irregulars. Irregulars are minor imperfections in the manufacturing process that lead to slight irregularities in color, width, or other specifications. Usually, these defects aren’t even visible, but you’ll inspect your purchase before you leave our showroom just to make sure.

We go straight to the manufacturer, using our decades of knowledge and connections to source their carpet irregulars at a fraction of retail cost, each of them hand-selected by our carpet experts. And since we obtain them at such low prices, you do too!

We carry well-known premium brands like Mohawk, DuPont, SmartStrand, Sorona, TruSoft, Anso Caress, and Stainmaster to meet all your commercial carpet needs. In addition, we can offer you top-notch carpet buying advice to make sure you’re getting the solution that perfectly fits your needs. And once you’ve made your decision, our professional installers will place and secure your new carpet with minimal intrusion into the day-to-day of your business.

So give us a call! Sloane’s Carpet Secret can address any of your questions or concerns and set you up with a carpet that will last you for years.

Commercial Carpet

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