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Carpet Pad

Carpet Padding for Comfort and Durability

Denver Carpet Pad

The purpose of carpet padding is to support and protect the carpet and to provide a cushion of comfort when walked on. A quality pad is crucial to the best possible performance of the carpet. Remember, the most expensive pad you can buy is a cheap pad that causes your carpet to wear faster than it should.

Types of Carpet Padding

Rebond Carpet Padding

This is the most commonly used type of pad. It is made from scraps of foam used in the furniture industry and from recycled carpet pad. Generally, rebond pad gives a firmer walk and is suitable for a wide range of carpet types. (Recent technological breakthroughs have made possible “engineered pads” that are vastly superior to the basic rebond pad.) Contact us for more information.

Fiber Carpet Padding

Fiber padding is made from either natural or synthetic fibers. This type of pad is also referred to as felt. This type of pad is used to limit the up and down movement of a carpet and provides a very firm walk. It is extremely durable and very appropriate for woven carpets.

Foam Carpet Padding

Made from various types of urethane foam and available in a wide range of thicknesses and densities. New technologies are rapidly changing this type of padding and the best can provide many years of performance as well as an amazingly soft feel under the carpet. Used properly, they can provide an incredible “wow” feeling to a new carpet.

Moisture Barrier Padding

Sloane’s can provide a range of moisture barrier pads. There are advantages and disadvantages depending on where they are used and your circumstances. We are happy to discuss this with you when you visit.

S.C. from Northglenn

I am very pleased with Sloane’s. I had purchased carpet from another store the day before I went to Sloane’s and ended up canceling because for the same amount of money, I was able to carpet my upstairs and downstairs. The carpet is wonderful and the installer was great. I recommend Sloane’s to anyone I know that needs carpet.