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Have Pets? Tips to Make Your Carpets Last

There’s no denying it: Pets are hard on Colorado carpet. Dogs can’t take their shoes off at the door, so they track dirt into your home in every season. Most pets shed, so there’s always pet hair and dander to vacuum. That’s why pet-lovers are always on the hunt for ways to help preserve their carpets. With just a little bit of effort and these tips to make your carpets last, you can minimize the wear-and-tear of your home from four-legged, furry family members.

Benefits of Pet Ownership
For most of us, the upside of having pets typically outweighs any extra work required to safeguard our homes from them. Research suggests that having a pet can actually lower a child’s propensity to develop allergies by as much as 33 percent. Pets keep people active, and the National Institute of Health (NIH) and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have conducted studies showing that pet owners have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Carpet Comfort for your Pets
Carpet is a fabulous choice for homes with pets, because it:

  • Provides warmth and comfort on the floor where our pets spend the bulk of their time
  • Is a non-slip surface, so pets won’t hurt themselves or cause damage to the home when running and playing
  • Insulates and absorbs sound

Pet-Friendly Carpet Choices
It’s important to select a carpet made from the most durable and stain-resistant material for a home with pets. Carpet made from nylon fibers with a cut pile is typically your best bet and can be quite affordable. Wool is the most stain-resistant natural fiber choice. Our carpet professionals can also help you select a color and style of carpet that will best mask pet hair and mishaps, but generally patterns help hide daily wear and tear. Sloane’s name-brand carpet “irregulars” are easier to clean and will last longer than bargain carpet you can find elsewhere.

Accidents Happen, Clean Them Up Quickly
Carpets become soiled quicker when you have pets, so pet owners need to be super vigilant about cleaning carpet often and thoroughly. This includes regular vacuuming and shampooing. When accidents happen, rinse the area with clean, cool water and then remove as much water as possible by blotting with a paper towel or using a wet vac. Once the area is really clean, use a pet odor neutralizer, available at pet stores.

Protect Carpets Where You Can
Try to limit the amount of cat litter trailing through your home by getting a litter box with a lid and putting a mat around the litter box. Also, be sure you have a floor mat at each entrance your animal uses to catch some of the dirt they drag in from outdoors. Regular grooming of your pet can also reduce the amount of fur and dander that accumulates and sullies your home.

How to Use This Information
Wall-to-wall carpeting is a good choice when you have pets as long as you select carpet that is durable, are diligent about cleaning and protecting it where you can. When it’s time to replace the carpet in your home, we’d love to show you the benefits of our name-brand carpet for a pet-lover’s home at our weekend-only showroom. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online.

What are some of your tips to make carpet last when you have pets?