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The Secret for Uniquely Designed Dorm Rooms: Carpet Remnants

Any easy method for decorating and designing a unique college dorm room starts with the floor. Using carpet remnants offers you an easy and cost-effective method for creating a warm and unique environment for your college student. In addition to creating a cozy space, adding carpet to a small space (like a dorm room or studio apartment) can really help keep noise down.

Retailers frequently discard their carpet samples. Cut every piece into smaller sizes and tack or stick them into position for totally free floor covering. Cut them into identically-sized sections to get a tile effect or shape them into unique geometric designs for an abstract appearance.

Choosing carpet colors
Lighter carpet shades offer bedrooms a larger overall appearance. Regardless of whether you would like to make a small breakfast area seem bigger, or make a big living area feel much more open, light color flooring might supply the result you are hoping for.

Dark carpet shades can make a space appear smaller and cozier. Whether or not you are designing a study area or you are working on an entire dorm room, you might find that darker carpets brings everything together for a warmer, cozier and more unique effect.

How to match carpet remnants
To create color flow within a dorm room or other space, a wide range of values of the predominant carpeting color may be successfully employed as accents. To achieve color flow through the entire space, duplicate the principal floor shade from one square to the next. This is one of the simplest dorm room decorating tips to implement.

If you can’t find good carpet remnants
If you do not want to refinish your outdated and weathered wooden flooring by using carpet samples, an alternative idea is to give your room a cottage-style boost. Buy some oil-based paint and select a few inexpensive stencils in unique patterns. Use the stencils and paint to re-design the wood flooring. Then add unique designs in different styles, to provide a full on-cottage look to your dorm room.

We hope you enjoy these unique design ideas for decorating your small space or dorm room on a budget!