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Is Wall-to-Wall Carpet Worth It?

Posted on: November 4th, 2019

Maybe you just bought a house that could use some sprucing up. Maybe you’re flipping a house to sell for profit, or you’re a realtor trying to sell a home to a new family. Or maybe you’ve simply been living in your home for a while and want some new flooring. In any case, one…

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Carpet Tips and Tricks for Cat Owners

Posted on: August 22nd, 2019

We love cats, and we love carpet! But not all carpet is equal, and not all of it plays nice with our furry friends. Which carpets will hold up best to the wear and tear from a cat? And which will your cat like best? Make Sure Your Cat Has a Litter Box This one…

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Carpet Tips and Tricks for Dog Owners

Posted on: July 23rd, 2019

We love our furry friends, but they can be a lot of work! They can also be hard on your upholstery, furniture, and flooring. Of course, if all we cared about was stain resistance, we’d cover all our floors in non-porous tile, but you don’t want your home to look like a commercial kitchen. So…

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Everything You Need to Know About Stain-Resistant Carpet

Posted on: January 9th, 2019

It’s no surprise that carpet is our favorite flooring surface — it’s comfortable, soft, warm, and helps insulate your home from noise and heat, which keeps you cozy in winter and cool in summer. The Best Carpet Style For Stains One of the best ways you can keep spills from ruining your carpet is to…

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