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How To Avoid Holes In Your Carpet

Holes in your carpet are very annoying — they stand out like a sore thumb, and while you can try to repair them yourself with patches or crocheting, the repair is still noticeable until you fix the whole carpet. Here are some common causes of holes in carpets and how to avoid them.


Sometimes dogs dig holes in carpet with their claws or teeth. The best way to avoid that is training — if your dog knows not to dig in the carpet in the first place, you won’t have to worry about this.

But sometimes dogs dig in carpet because there was a spill there or a little piece of food that they can smell. Clean up spills right away, vacuum regularly, and spray an air freshener like Febreze on your carpets to mask odors and keep them smelling fresh.


Candles look pretty, but the hot wick can burn a hole in the carpet if it falls — even the hot wax can be enough to damage synthetic fibers. Keep candles far away from the edge of tables and out of reach of children’s hands and dogs’ wagging tails.

Natural fibers like wool are also more resistant to singes and holes from candles. Consider a natural fiber carpet if you have a lot of candles in your home.


A fireplace is a beautiful and homey addition to your living space, but wood fires can spit out sparks that can burn through a synthetic fireplace. Most fireplaces have a brick hearth to act as a buffer between the fire and the carpet, but you should also make sure to have a fire screen up any time a fire is burning. Make sure you use well-cured wood, too — wetter wood tends to spark more.


Furniture generally doesn’t make an actual hole in the carpet, but the weight of a sofa or heavy table can make a permanent divot in the carpet that will be unsightly if you ever rearrange your furniture or sell your house.

Avoid furniture divots by using furniture carpet protectors — wide, flat pieces of plastic or wood that spread out the weight of the furniture and reduce its impact on your carpet pile.

Selecting the right carpet for your home

As always, we are here to help. During your shopping process our skilled staff can help you to pick the carpet that stands the best chance of looking beautiful for the longest period of time. No matter if you have dogs, cats, young children, or a chronic case of “the dropsies,” we’ll help you to choose a carpet that strikes the best balance between luxurious comfort and durability, depending upon your lifestyle.

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