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Eco Friendly Kitchenware

Living “green” seems to have swept the nation in the past few years.  And while the term “green” may be a fad, the idea of sustainable living and purchasing eco friendly products is always a great way to help the environment.  Thanks to this increased popularity and demand for “green”, it is now easier than ever to purchase eco friendly products for your home – including your kitchen!  Here are some fun home furnishing ideas for “going green” in the kitchen…

  • Recycled Table – you can now purchase your kitchen table, made of recycled plastic, or sustainably made wood.
  • Bamboo Flatware and Tableware – from bamboo utensils, to bamboo bowls and plates, you can find an array of eco friendly, bamboo kitchenware, which are both functional and fashionable.
  • Recycled Plasticware – This is a great way to remain eco friendly when you need to use disposable kitchenware.  Perfect for kids’ birthday parties and outdoor BBQ’s, you can feel good knowing that your disposable plates and knives were made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Soda Maker – Instead of purchasing countless soda pop bottles and cans, you can now make your own soda.  Use the same set of plastic bottles over and over, and drink freshly made soda when you want it.  Saves you time, money, and natural resources.
  • Hanging Solar Food Dehydrator – Dehydrate your food the natural way, using the energy from the sun, rather than having to rely on electricity or loud fans.
  • Natura Line Pots and Pans – the Natura Line (by Tefal) is a series of kitchenware designed specifically to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  The Natura Line uses recycled metals and responsibly sourced woods.  Ever pot and pan in the series is recycled aluminum.  Any wooden features, such as handles or lids, have been created from wood that has been responsibly sourced.  The packaging for the line is minimalistic, using only what is required for each item and has been formed from recycled paper.  Now you can cook your food with peace of mind, knowing you’re doing your part for the environment.