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Easy Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

College is an exciting time: new adventures, new activities, and a new dorm room. Decorating a dorm room can be so much fun. The tiny living space is your new home for the next year, at least, so you get to customize it depending on your own needs. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we love the idea of getting creative in order to have one of the coolest rooms in your dormitory. Here are a couple things you might want to bring with you to your new home.


Before you go out and buy a new set of sheets for your future room, remember that most dorms have Twin XL size beds. Check your university’s website to find out what size you’ll need. Once you’ve got that covered, you can start looking for the coolest new comforter. If you have roommates and want to color coordinate, check with them about what colors they like too. If you don’t care what their items look like, then go crazy with any bedding you want! If you’re feeling nostalgic about high school, create a quilt out of all your old high-school t-shirts and use that as a truly unique comforter. Another fun idea is to have your home town sports team as your bedding. This way you can support your home team even if you are far away.

Wall Décor

Get some fun posters of your favorite band, celebrity, or team, to put on your walls. Maybe you want some pictures of family and friends, too. If this is the case then you can go three different directions. You can just tape those pictures to the wall (use washi tape so you don’t have to pay for damage later), get a cork board to go on your wall, or use a clothesline to hang photos. With a clothesline you can put as many or as few pictures up as you want and it’s completely customizable. You can always hang up notes, cards, or concert stubs, too.

Add Hominess to your Room

Most dorm rooms have tile flooring, which can make your dorm look like a prison cell. If you want a homier feel to your room, a rug or small carpet remnant is always a good option. Possibilities are endless when it comes to rugs. You can get a t-shirt rug, a fuzzy slipper rug, or a colored carpet rug. Not only will it add life to your dorm but your feet also won’t get cold when you’re barefoot. If you already have a carpeted dorm room, then you’re one step ahead of the game!

A Dorm Is an All-Purpose Room

A dorm room is a bedroom, study, and family room all combined in one. The dorm is where pizza nights and pajama parties will be held, so it’s always good to have a place for extra people to sit. If you have a cool bean bag or fuzzy chair, then be ready for your dorm room to become the hot hangout.

How to Use this Information

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What other creative ideas do you have for decorating your dorm room?