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Denver Carpet Company Suggests an Inexpensive Makeover with Paint

Denver Carpet Store Sloane’s Make-Over Tip

Paint continues to be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform cabinets, furniture, bookcases and even an entire room from old and tired to new and upbeat. With new carpet from Sloane’s Carpet Secret carpet company and a fresh coat of paint, you will be amazed how much better a room can look while still leaving money leftover in your home improvement account.

Makeover Any Paintable Surface
When considering what you can rejuvenate with a little paint, most likely anything made from wood such as cabinets, headboards, bookcases and end tables comes to mind. Don’t overlook the potential for metal objects and even upholstery to also be transformed with a coat of paint. You just need to prep the surfaces properly and select appropriate paint.

Be Patient with Your Prep Work
There’s nothing difficult about getting a beautiful result with a paint makeover, but there are some key things to consider and steps to follow to ensure paint will adhere to the surface of your soon-to-be-made-over item. Don’t try to rush your prep work. It’s worth the effort to remove hardware and drawers. To make sure your effort is worthwhile, consider these 5 prep steps:

  1. Wash: First, remove dust and dirt by wiping the surface with a damp, soapy cloth.
  2. Rough Sand: Sand the top layer of wood with medium-grit sandpaper to remove wax, varnish or anything else that may prevent proper paint adherence.
  3. Fill: The beauty of paint is that it will cover imperfections that can be seen through stain. Before you paint, be sure to fill nail holes and gouges. Let the wood filler dry.
  4. Fine Sand: Once all is filled, do a final sand with lower-grit sandpaper and then wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to remove the dust.
  5. Prime: Some projects may not require primer, especially if you’ve given the item a thorough sanding. However, primer does help paint application go smoothly and certainly won’t hurt!


The Easy Part: Painting!
Now that your prep work is complete, it’s time to start painting! Invest in a quality paintbrush; it will last forever if you clean it promptly after each use. Latex enamel paint cleans up with water and is a great choice for most projects. If you plan to paint upholstery, Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is recommended. Be sure to wait at least 24 hours, preferably more, between coats. Finish with a layer of polyurethane for protection.

How to Use This Information
Turn old into new with a new coat of paint for a complete makeover of any paintable surface. When you’re ready to transform your room’s carpeting, contact us online or give us a call at 303-300-9555 and we’d be happy to help you select name-brand carpet for less.

What have you transformed with a coat of paint?