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Decorating with Plants

Adding plants to the bedroom is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to add life to any room. It adds extra color, and is a great way to fill those empty spaces in any room.  As a rule of thumb, green foliage lasts longer than flowers, thus giving you perhaps more bang for your buck in the long run.  Using simple foliage with a few leafs is another way to decorate that can add simple and modern appeal.  In your kitchen, you can add small herb gardens to your windowsill to add useful life to the room!

Tips for decorating with plants:

Decide the mood of the room.  Is there a theme to your room (Beach? Victorian? English Country? Jungle? Retro? Southwestern?)  Once you have identified your theme, pick a plant that fits that theme (ie – a cactus might fit a southwestern theme, while a palm tree might go well for a beach theme).

Choose focal point of the room.  What part of the room do you want to draw attention to? Is there a place that looks particularly empty? Is there an empty corner?

Find a plant friendly location.  When choosing where to place your plant, you must also take into consideration what type of lighting the plant requires.  Is it one that needs full sun, partial sun, or one that thrives best in shade?  You also want to make sure not to place it too close to a heater, fireplace or cold draft.

Visit your garden center.  Taking a trip to your local garden center can help you decide on the best plant to fit your room theme and lighting needs.  They can help direct you to those that best fit your lifestyle, considering ease of care, lighting and moisture, and the plant toxicity level (should you have kids or pets).  (Toxic plants include Dumb Cane, Crown-of-thorns, and Philodendron – be cautious when decorating your room with these)

Find a pot you love.  Parallel with finding a plant you love is finding a pot you love.  Your local garden center will have a large variety of pots to choose from, and you are sure to find one in a color and pattern that matches your theme.

Top Dressing.
  If you have cats, you can top dress the plant soil with moss or decorative stones.  This discourages cats from using the soil as kitty litter.

Final cost – when all is said and done, you can expect to have a five foot tall plant in a beautiful ceramic pot and top dressing from between $65-$100, depending on the particular plant and plant size.