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Colorado Carpet Professionals Take a Look at French Design

Are you ready to select new Colorado carpet? If so, you may be ready to swap out your entire design. Even those of us from the Centennial State of Colorado can admire a good European design sensibility. Today, we’re going to pluck some French design traditions for you to consider as a way to add a European flair to your Colorado home.

French Country or Formal
Your first decision is whether you will emulate the bourgeoisie and go upscale and formal with your French design aesthetic, add a more provincial touch to your home or settle somewhere in the middle with a mix of the two. The French country kitchen remains a favorite design style for homeowners and interior designers alike. One way of achieving this look is to distress the paint on your kitchen cabinets.

To Gilt, or Not to Gilt
Gilt, for sure! A gilt (a thin layer of gold leaf or paint) frame mirror can add just the French statement you’re looking for; the bolder the frame and the thicker the wood the better. Other gilt items such as vases and bowls can add the perfect accompaniment to your golden focal piece.

Boiserie Panels
This is not your American 1970s paneling; it’s intricately carved wood paneling often found in formal gathering rooms throughout Europe that became popular in 17th and 18th century French design. A boiserie panel is created by layering hand-carved wood with molded or carved details. Oftentimes, it is gilted or even features a painting. You can also decorate frames, cupboards and shelves in this way.

Plaids and Florals
Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. A mix of plaid and flowers in a casual fabric can give your room touches of sophistication and country charm. Flowers in vases and buckets are always a nice addition to a French-inspired room.

A Bit of Bombe
The outward curve in the front of sides of a bombe chest or table taper inward at the base. This is a very versatile style developed in the 17th century. Bombe furniture can add storage to a dining, living or bedroom, but we particularly like it as an entryway piece.

How to Use This Information
We want to help you achieve the remodel of your dreams when you work with us at Sloane’s Carpet Secret. Your Colorado carpet selection can co-mingle with some French interior design traditions. Give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online today to start your Colorado carpet selection with a French twist.

What French design traditions have you admired?