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Colorado Carpet Company Lists the 9 Steps to Install a Fish Tank

A lovely way to add vibrancy to a newly carpeted room is to add a fish tank. Fish are a relatively low-maintenance pet that can also be therapeutic to those lulled by their graceful swish and sway. With just a bit of research into the kinds of fish you want and their needs, you can be hypnotized by your own fish tank in just 9 easy steps.

1. Research Fish
Unless your dream fish tank is filled with goldfish or guppies, it’s good to start by learning a bit about the fish that you’d want to have in your tank. Different types of fish require different space requirements as well as time commitments and set-ups. It’s good to know what you’re going to need before shopping for supplies.

2. Determine the Size of Aquarium
Once you have determined what kind of fish you want, it’s time to evaluate what size of aquarium is best for those fish and the space you have. If those are not in alignment, you should go back to step No. 1.

3. Decide Where You’ll Place the Aquarium
Not only do you need the appropriate space to accommodate your aquarium, you need to be sure it’s properly supported when water is added. Each gallon of water equates to 10 pounds, so a 55-gallon tank would weigh approximately 550 pounds filled with water. In addition, keep in mind how it might be impacted by sunlight, heater vents and windows.

4. Go Shopping
Now that you are armed with a plan, it’s time to get all the materials to make it a reality. Here are the basics, but be sure to discuss the specifics with the store personnel to get the set-up you need for your unique aquarium:
Aquarium gravel
Aquarium filter (replacements)
Decorations (real plants, rocks, etc.)
Aquarium test kits, treatments
Fish food
Fish net

5. Wash the Tank and Decorations, Rinse the Gravel
Use just water—do not use any soap—to wash out your tank and rinse the aquarium gravel and other decorations to remove dust and other particles that could be harmful to your fish. A pasta strainer is a fantastic tool to help with this task. Run the water through the gravel until the water runs clear. If your gravel has not been pre-washed, you will need to boil the gravel in a pot for a few minutes.

6. Add Gravel, Decorations and Water
Carefully add about ½ inch of gravel to the bottom of the aquarium and be mindful not to scratch the glass. Place your plants and other decorations in. Before adding the water, place a flat plate on top of the gravel so as you pour in the room-temperature water, the gravel will not be displaced. You’ll also need to treat the water to remove the chlorine and other chemicals that could harm the fish.

7. Set Up Thermometer, Heater and Filter
Follow the directions provided on the boxes to properly install the thermometer, heater and filter. Install the heater, but don’t plug it until the thermostat in the heater has adjusted to the water temperature, typically about 30 minutes. Finally place your hood and tank light on the aquarium ensuring all the power cords have a drip loop—a U shape in the cord, so that if water were to drip down the cord it would fall into the loop rather than into the socket.

8. Wait at Least 48 Hours Before Adding Fish
We know you’re super excited to add fish to your new aquarium, but it’s essential to wait at least 48 hours to let the water cycle through completely, become the correct temperature and give the chance for the anti-chlorine treatment to complete its work.

9. Add Your Fish!
Experts suggest adding one or two fish at a time. Your aquarium isn’t just the home of your fish, it’s a delicate ecosystem, so it needs time to adjust to its new inhabitants. Similarly, the fish need a chance to acclimate, so let them float in your aquarium in the bag you brought them home in for about 15 minutes. About 5 minutes in, add a bit of your aquarium water into their bag so they have a chance to get used to the temperature and the pH of the water.

How to Use This Information
Add a bit of color to your home with the addition of a tropical fish aquarium. In just 9 steps, you can add an aquarium to enhance your home. If your carpet is in need of enhancement, we would love to help you out at our weekend-only showroom. Please give the Sloane’s Carpet Secret customer service experts a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online today!

What kind of fish are you considering for your aquarium?