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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can be an excellent solution for dramatic, fashionable flooring, especially in high-traffic areas. Wondering if carpet tiles are right for you? Here are some things to think about.

Easy Installation

Carpet tiles can be installed quickly by our master installers, and with a minimum of mess and interruption to your daily life. Depending on the type of subfloor you have, you can even install them yourself without much effort. Some carpet tiles even come with their own padding and adhesive backing, so it’s as simple as unsticking them and laying them on the floor.

Another advantage of installing tiles is how versatile they are. Most carpet tiles are either 18-inch squares or 24-inch squares. When they’re installed, they’re snugly pushed into one corner and built out from there.

What that means is that carpet doesn’t have to be measured or cut ahead of time, which means you don’t need to have a detailed estimate for how much carpet you’ll need. You just install the tiles you need and keep or return the rest!

Easy To Replace

One of the big advantages of carpet tiles is modularity. If you’re finishing a basement, flooring a kids room or work area, or placing carpet anywhere that might see a lot of traffic, spills, or stains, carpet tile can be a great option.

If your carpet suffers a stain, burn, or some other kind of damage, you can just pull up the affected carpet tiles and lay down new ones. When you buy carpet, you can even buy a few extra tiles in case of emergencies. If you’re properly prepared, replacing a damaged or stained tile should be an easy afternoon project, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Easy To Customize

Another great aspect of carpet tiles is the ability to have fun with the designs! Sure, you can install a whole room full of carpet that’s all the same color — the seams are well-hidden and it’ll blend well with other, traditionally-carpeted rooms. But if it’s a kids room, a playroom, or just a room in your house that you want to bring a little more flair to, carpet tiles allow you more freedom than any other flooring option.

You can go with a subtle gradient from one side of the room to the other, scatter some dark tiles in with the light, or even go with a buffalo plaid design for an especially exciting design.

Contact Us Today!

Here at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we stock a variety of very high-end designer carpet tiles at incredible discounts. We can have them placed by our master installers, or just help you pick out the best tiles for your own DIY project. Whether it’s a room with a unique shape that’s difficult to fit, a high-traffic home gym, or a fun-looking kids room, tiles might be the perfect solution for you!