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Carpet Tiles to Tiaras: How to Create a Princess Bedroom

From carpet tiles laid out to look like a castle’s moat to the perfect wall decal to tie the theme together, turning your daughter’s room into a princess palace can be a fairy tale that comes true. With just a few enhancements, your little princess will be enchanted by her room’s transformation.


Bed and Furniture
If money is no object and you won’t be disappointed when your tween decides that princess rooms are for babies a few years down the line, go all out and purchase a customized bedroom set made to look like a castle. However, if a tight budget and the reality that your child will likely change her mind and want a new theme for her room in a couple of years call for a more conservative approach, a white or cream-colored bed and dresser are perfectly acceptable to most princesses. 


Headboards and Canopies
Amazing things can be done with a little fabric draped over a four-poster bed or flowing from a jeweled crown. Nothing says “princess” more than billowing fabric.


Colors and Decals
Although pink is the primary princess color, your princess might be smitten with any pastel from lavender to lemon, and silver or gold, too. Paint her room and then add a finishing flourish with a wall decal—easily removed when she grows out of her princess phase.


Nature and Reuse
Have you ever heard of a princess who doesn’t love Mother Nature and her beautiful animal kingdom? Nope, we haven’t either. Flowers, birds, stars, and bunnies should be used to decorate. Also, before heading out to buy all new things, take a look at what you have around your home that could be easily repurposed in your daughter’s princess palace.


How to Use This Information
It’s magical to give your little princess the perfect place to lay her pretty head, and it doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom. Sloane’s Carpet Secret can help you find the perfect carpet tile for unbelievable savings for your princess palace. Please contact us online or by phone at 303-300-9555.