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Carpet Tiles and Throw Rugs Help Soundproof Rooms

Whether you live in an apartment complex where you hear every whimper of the neighbor’s little cherub or are kept up at night with the latest antics of the late-night talk shows blaring from the television, adding carpet tiles or rugs can seriously reduce the noise pollution infiltrating your home. You’d also be wise to add throw rugs or carpet tiles to your rooms to dampen the noise caused by paper-thin walls and to avoid the expense and hassle of a major home remodeling project to add another layer of drywall.

Why it Works
You must slow down or block sound waves if your goal is to dim sounds no matter if it’s coming from internal or external walls. The thicker the pile of your rug or carpet, the better it will be at its job of blocking out noise and absorbing the sound waves. For extra protection, add the thickest layer of carpet pad you can find that is compatible with your carpet/rug choice.

Wall Art
Rugs and carpet tiles are the obvious choice for flooring, but let your creative designer out and consider adding rugs to the walls as art. This provides another layer of protection to minimize noise while giving you a cost-effective way to decorate. You can configure carpet tiles in endless arrays with a truly one-of-a-kind result.

How to Use This Information
At Sloane’s Carpet Secret we have plenty of premium brand carpet and carpet pad choices to choose from with the best prices in town. Our showroom is open on weekdays by appointment and most every weekend. We would love to help you select a floor covering that helps you solve your noise issues. Please give us a call today at 303-300-9555 or online.

What have you tried to reduce noises in your home?