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Carpet Tiles in Floral Print? Ways to Enhance Your Home with Floral Print

If you’ve never decorated with floral before, we’d advise against choosing wall-to-tall floral carpet tiles as your first foray, but even novices are capable of adding a floral element in some way to their home with great success! Interior designers love the possibilities for color, personality, character and texture that floral prints allow. And there’s really nothing more welcoming than a floral print. Perhaps that’s why floral prints have been used in homes for centuries and don’t appear to be wilting away any time soon!

Start Out Slowly, Simply
Using floral prints and patterns as part of your decorating strategy shouldn’t be a fearful endeavor, but it often is and that’s why many people shy away from this hot decorating trend. The key is to start off slowly and just incorporate a floral rug, throw pillow, artwork or other accent to minimize your time and cost commitment if floral doesn’t end up being your thing.

Know When Enough is Enough
Be subtle when using floral prints. If you have too many prints and a room that is blossoming in floral, it’s going to feel cluttered. It is OK and actually recommended to mix floral prints with other patterns. The secret is to find three patterns (or any odd number) and vary the scale of the print from small to large. Mix a stripe, a check and a large floral in the same hue and you’ll be pleased with the result.

Color Ties it All Together
There’s no need to be sure all your prints and patterns match, because it’s the color that ties the room together. In fact, if you get too matchy, you’ll lose the natural effect that’s appealing about floral designs in the first place. If you want a vintage look, select small floral prints. If your style is more modern, then bold floral prints are for you!

How to Use This Information
There’s no time like the present to add floral elements to your home to complement your new carpet tiles since this design trend is as hot as ever. We look forward to helping you select your new floor covering from our large stock of high-quality name-brand carpet. Give us a call at 303-900-9555 or contact us online to learn about all we can do for you!

What room would you like to enhance with an accent or piece of furniture in floral print?