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Carpet Installers Find Ways to Reuse Building Materials

Your plans may have been specific and your measurements precise, but after your latest home improvement project you still might find yourself with an excess of building materials. Our carpet installers can attest that scrap material, even the smallest amount, can find a new purpose and doesn’t need to add to the landfill. Here are some clever ways to put extra building materials to good use.

There are lots of ways to enhance your home from the scrap wood leftover from a larger project. Birds would be grateful for a new birdhouse and larger pieces of wood could be used to make raised flower or vegetable beds. Inside, you can create picture frames, bookshelves and even jewelry boxes or toys. Any leftover untreated wood could also be used as kindling for a fireplace.

Intact tiles can be transformed into trivets or coasters with just the addition of corkboard or another non-skid backing or to create a border or walking path in the garden. Mosaics are the best way to use up broken tiles. Frames, mirrors, tables or any hard surface can be enhanced with a mosaic of tiles. Broken tiles are also a handy filter system at the bottom of a potted plant to allow the water to drain.

Extra bricks can be used to make a barbecue or fire pit to complement your house. They are also the perfect medium to construct a walking path or raised garden. They can also create a warm, rustic shelf when layered with wood planks.

Use leftover carpet scraps as a floor mat to catch debris in the garage before tracking it into your home. Use carpet scraps as bedding for pet kennels or floor mats in a car or garage work area. You could also sew a border on a carpet remnant to make a new throw rug.

Donate Unused Materials
Habitat for Humanity accepts donations of unused building materials and sells them to the public to benefit local Habitat house construction.  Art and shop classes at local schools may also accept extra building materials. Churches and other community nonprofits are often happy to take extra building materials off your hands.

How to Use This Information
With a little bit of creativity, the bulk of any extra building materials can always be put to good use whether you use the materials to further enhance your home or choose to donate unused materials. Sloane’s Carpet Secret carpet installers are adept at minimizing the waste of carpet materials when on the job. When you’re ready to select your home’s new carpet, we invite you to our weekend-only showroom. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to find out more.

We’d love to hear how you have put extra building materials to good use.