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To Carpet Installers, Decorating is Black and White

Sometimes decorating can be, well, black and white. You could get caught up in a paint-chip frenzy and agonize over every different hue under the rainbow, or you can keep it simple—remodel with black or white. As our carpet installers traverse the metro area putting name-brand carpet in our customers’ homes, they’ve seen some fabulous ways to incorporate these most basic—and dramatic—colors into your home.

Black—Never Out of Style

We’ve heard it for years in regards to the little black dress, but black never seems to go out of style even in the home. It’s bold. It’s dramatic. It’s versatile. Here are a few favorite ways of using black in your home remodel:

Accent: It’s not necessary to go bold with the transformation, simply add a black accent chair or table to a room to give it just the pop you are looking for. Any color used next to black will seem much more vivid, while black is great to use as the foundation to highlight any piece of art.

To give depth: It may seem contrary to what you thought you knew about color, but black can actually make a small room feel larger. So, feel free to experiment with black in any size space. The color actually makes the details of wood grain come to life.

Wrought iron: Wrought iron, painted black, is beautiful on staircases and wall hangings. If you add green undertones, the color will shift throughout the day.

White—Not Boring at All
Did you know there are more than 200 different shades of white offered by the paint company Benjamin Moore? White doesn’t have to be clinical or cold; it can actually be a very practical color. Try out these ways to incorporate white into your home’s décor:

To unite: Use white paint to enhance the sight line and continuity from one room to another.  White can also soften any architectural quirks especially in older homes.

Window coverings: White linen drapes with a color band at the bottom is a practical and powerful way to incorporate white into your design. It’s simple, yet strong.

Washable white: Don’t fear your white room. Opt for washable white furniture coverings in a no-fuss fabric. White furniture is versatile and can be moved from room to room.

How to Use this Information
The carpet installers at Sloane’s Carpet Secret are always on the front lines of seeing how different home owners incorporate color into their décor. The tendency may be to shy away from using black and white, but the dramatic and versatile nature of both colors suggest it may be time to give it another chance. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online so we can help you with all your name-brand carpet needs.

What’s holding you back from incorporating white or black into your home décor?