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Carpet Company Design Ideas: Make a Mellow Meditation Room

Meditation is no longer just a tool practiced by Eastern spiritual philosophies. Many Westerners and even the mainstream medical community have begun to realize the benefits of meditation to focus and quiet the mind. In our run-yourself-ragged modern lifestyles, it does a body and mind good to consider ways to slow down, take a deep breath and relax. Here are some ideas from Denver carpet company Sloane’s Carpet Secret to create your own meditation space.

Be Mindful
Rather than jump right in with Type-A vigor, take a step back, be mindful and consider the purpose of your space before you begin creating it. Will you need room to move for a yoga practice? Will a comfy corner suffice? Indoors or out? Do you kneel, require plush pillows or a comfy chair? We suggest you start by mediating about your meditation room.

Make it Personal
This is your space to define, and you should take the opportunity to make it meaningful to you and nobody else. Go ahead and thumb through magazines for inspiration, but there is no “right” way to create your space. What do you love? What will engage all of your senses in the space? Select the colors, sounds, sights and smells that will speak to you and allow you to create a calm, reflective space.

Select a Focal Point
Most meditation practice spaces remain uncluttered, but have a focal point for inspiration. An altar, candles or incense, photographs or art, plants and flowers can all be used as a way to create focus in your meditation area.

How to Use This Information
Once you’ve reflected on what your personal meditation space should include, stop by Sloane’s Carpet Secret where our open weekends-only carpet company is doing its part to create happy and relaxed customers. Please call us at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to let us know how we can help you.

What do you feel are essential elements to make a mellow meditation room?