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Brass is Back! Remodel With This Trendy Metal

Like it or not, it’s a fact that every interior designer has already accepted and embraced: brass is back. As contemporary designers keep drawing inspiration from the fashions of the 70s, this warm metal has made its way back to the top of their repertoire. But 2013’s brass is not quite as bright and flashy as the stuff we saw in the disco age; even with its variety of styles, modern brass is more muted and sophisticated. Metal finishes, fixtures, railings, and appliances are hard to swap out with the changing trends, so if your chrome kitchen looks good as it is, keep it that way. But if you’re redoing part of your house and looking for a design motif, then just hop on the brass-wagon!

Every corner of your home is an opportunity for brass. You can switch out old lighting for brass lamps, chandeliers, wall mounts, and candelabras; decorative items like clocks, figurines, bookends, trays, centerpieces, frames, and small furniture can be swapped for brass counterparts; and metal fixtures like doorknobs, faucets, keyholes, stair railings, and cabinet lining could benefit from a brassy makeover.

There are several types of brass, each one found in a different place and belonging in a different room. Antique brass and burnished brass work well in rustic settings with lots of wood, neutral shades, and rich patterns, whereas polished brass looks better in modern rooms with brighter, bolder colors. You can find modern takes on the brass trend in retail furniture, appliance, and lighting stores. Or, browse antique stores and auctions for old, tarnished brass artifacts, which you can keep as they are or polish for a shinier but still rustic look. Brass moulds of branches and leaves look great with old, wooden antiques.

Properly building a room around brass—or incorporating brass into an existing room—means knowing the correct color palette for brass. Brass is a warm metal and a neutral shade, fitting well with colors like olive, maroon, mustard, light to somewhat dark brown, crimson, and wood grain. It also looks surprisingly good when contrasted with some cooler shades, like oyster, navy blue, gray, and pewter. Also, brass-colored cloth, on pillows, curtains, or upholstery, will compliment metal fixtures well. Just be sure to avoid intense yellows and oranges, as they will clash with their neutral cousin.

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