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The Best Way to Banish Those Accidental Holiday Carpet Stains

Christmas and New Year’s parties are notoriously some of the biggest and messiest, and with large groups of people and party supplies, good food, and seasonal decorations inevitably come carpet stains. Before you freak out or fear that your carpet may be ruined by the mishap, consider these tips and get those stains out quickly and easily without missing a beat in your celebrations.

Common Holiday Stains

If you’ve hosted the holiday get together or party before, you’re well aware of the wide variety of things that can fall and stain your carpets, but some of the most common are (you probably guessed it) wine, punch/other dye-based drinks, chocolate, gravy, butter, beer, and candle wax. Any one of those can seem like a nightmare to get rid of, but all can be fairly simple if you act quickly. Sometimes, you’ll find that you can clean it up without even busting out the serious carpet cleaner.

Blot and Dilute

This classic tactic can take careĀ of most stains if they are caught fresh. Blot, don’t rub, the stain with a clean cloth until you’ve soaked up as much of the excess liquid as possible. Then, dilute with water and blot again. Repeat this a time or two until the stain disappears or you believe you’ve gotten as much out of the carpet as possible.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning

If the blot and dilute technique doesn’t work, it may be time to break out the big guns. You may have to give the old carpet cleaner treatment, but even if you’re forced to take a less natural cleaning route, it’s important to remember not to rub. Blotting will prevent the stain from spreading while you figure out the best tactic for getting rid of it for good.