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Baby on Board: Designing a Bedroom for Toddlers

If you, your wife, or anyone you know is pregnant, look forward to one of the most exciting preparations: planning and designing a baby room. It’s an activity that can prove to be tons of fun, but there are certain aspects of the design and arrangement you should keep in mind to ensure your baby’s safety, comfort, and enduring happiness.

Safety should be your top priority, and a lot of this has to do with crib selection and placement. First, make sure your baby cannot climb of his or her own crib. The crib’s bars must be high, and there should not be any furniture near the crib that your baby could reach and use to escape. Remember, babies grow fast, so keep checking! However, you may want to place a table near the crib, within an adult’s reach, not a child’s, so you can grab for a bottle, rag, or anything kept on the table while keeping an eye and hand on your baby. Also, babies should be kept in spaces with steady temperatures, so do not place a crib directly next to a window, heater, or vent. The crib is central not only to the room’s safety and function, but also its style; whether it’s made of plain, white-painted metal or rich, dark wood, the crib should inform the entire room’s aura. You can often buy cribs in a set with other furniture that ties the whole room together, but a well-matched eclectic mix of furnishings will look good too. Buying convertible furniture like cribs that turn into toddler beds saves money, but this furniture sticks around for longer, so choose its design wisely.

From here, you can personalize the room with whatever colors, themes, and decorations you would like! The most popular palette of “baby colors”—which decorators apply to walls, carpets, furnishings, and bedding—includes pale blue, pale green, soft gray, and bright white. Parents of girls often add light pinks and purples, but many expecting parents design baby rooms without knowing the child’s gender, so they stick with gender neutral layouts. Popular gender neutral themes include animals, the ocean, and letters and numbers. Decorate the walls with framed pictures, paintings, hanging mobiles, your child’s name, and cherished or antique children’s toys. Create a play-place with a plush rug, low shelves filled with books and toys, and safe, no-tip furniture; and make a comfortable space for parents to watch, nurse, or play with the baby, ideally with a comfortable chair, small table, and lamp.

Many baby rooms look similar, but that doesn’t mean there is any precise formula for creating the perfect baby bedroom. Get creative! Get quirky! Add anything that you like, paint a wall mural, or base the room off of a storybook, a piece of artwork, or the great outdoors. Just keep it safe and have fun!

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Give us your baby bedroom decorating tips, or tell us how you used or adapted any of the suggestions we provided. And if you are planning a baby room, congratulations!!!