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IKEA’s High Quality, Affordable Home Furnishings Perfect for Your Home Redesign

When IKEA opened its 415,000-square-foot Centennial store in 2011, Colorado shoppers who value quality, and affordable home furnishings at a good price were lined up waiting for their chance to finally experience the Swedish company’s acclaimed value and style like others across the world. In combination with Sloane’s Carpet Secret name-brand carpet remnants, mixed with furniture and accessories from IKEA, can give your home a complete redesign for a great price!

Low Prices Are a Cornerstone of IKEA’s Vision

A main tenant of IKEA operations since Ingvar Kamprad started what was originally a small, mail-order company in 1943—when he was just 17 years old—is to keep prices low so that just about everyone can afford well-designed, functional home furnishings. So, how does IKEA keep prices so reasonable?

  • IKEA designs the price tag first and then makes design and production decisions to make products fit that price tag.
  • Solid relationships with suppliers ensure that IKEA’s commitment to value starts on the factory floor.
  • Efficiencies in production and packaging, as well as a constant pursuit of improvement help to keep the company on the cutting-edge of innovative strategies to save money.
  • Bulk purchases and transport help reduce costs.
  • Centralized support departments for services common to all IKEA stores such as IT and food supply helps create economies of scale.
  • Self-service and assembly (you can purchase assembly as well if do-it-yourself assembly scares you) with the majority of items on the sales floor, means you can walk out of the store for much less.


IKEA Design Ideas

Part of IKEA’s corporate mandate to get quality design in the homes of the masses goes beyond making items affordable to giving people good design ideas. Even IKEA showrooms are set up to showcase IKEA products in rooms so shoppers can envision how different pieces might work together. The photo galleries on IKEA’s website are another wonderful place to get inspired. Pinterest is also chockfull of pinners who are IKEA obsessed. All you need to do is type IKEA into the search bar, and you’ll be rewarded with more than enough brilliant design concepts.

How to Use This Information

Thanks to IKEA’s quality, affordable home furnishings and Sloane’s Carpet Secret’s name-brand carpets for less, a stylish redesign is within reach for most people without breaking the bank. We’d love to see you at our weekend-only showroom to help you select the perfect carpet remnant or floor-to-floor carpeting for your home’s design. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online today.

What IKEA product do you think is a must-have for your home?