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8 Ways to Use Carpet Scraps

Regardless of how good you measure your space for new carpet, we always recommend adding 10% for waste. But, those carpet remnants don’t have to actually become waste if you use carpet scraps in one of these 8 ways after your carpet is installed.

  1. Furniture movers
    Use carpet squares with the pile side facing down under heavy furniture such as dressers, beds or dining room tables to create your very own EZ SlidersTM.
  1. In your trunk
    Whether you get trapped in mud and need an easy way to get traction (put the carpet scrap under the front edge of the wheel) or need protection for your knees when you fix a flat tire, a carpet scrap in your trunk can be very handy!
  1. Gardening hacks
    Carpet scraps are a gardener’s best friend. They can cushion your knees when you are weeding or planting, they can act like weed block for your garden path (just spread some mulch over the top to maintain the natural look) and they can even insulate and keep moisture in your compost pile when temperatures dip.
  1. Pet protection
    Carpet scraps are a great choice to use in your pooch’s dog house to line the floor or walls and to create a rain flap for the door. If your feline friend needs a new scratching post, carpet scraps around a 4X4 piece of wood is a more reasonable choice than going to the pet supply store to buy one premade.
  1. Your new secret weapon for cleaning
    Turns out carpet scraps are perfect for cleaning your window screens. All you need to do is dip a piece in soapy, warm water and use the pile side to wipe away all the dust and grime. You can also glue a carpet scrap to a block of wood to make a helpful tool to buff your shoes.
  1. Door ding preventer
    Staple a carpet strip in your garage where your door would hit. The extra padding prevents unsightly door dings.
  1. Sound insulation
    When your washer goes into spin cycle and you worry that a jet plane might be making an emergency landing on your roof, it’s time to use a carpet scrap to muffle the sound. Put it under the feet of your dryer, too, to diminish thumping sounds.
  1. Protect your workshop
    Line carpet scraps under your workbench so that if tools or supplies fall off, they most likely won’t break upon impact with the cement floor. Carpet scraps are also good to use in toolboxes and tool bench drawers to keep tools in place and not moving around hitting each other.

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How have you given a carpet scrap a useful purpose?