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Carpet in the Bathroom: It Can Be the Best Choice for You!

If we took a poll today, most people would predict that the majority of respondents would prefer not to have carpets in their bathroom. But before you rush to judgment, there are definitely some reasons why carpet is the right choice for some people to have in their bathrooms.

It’s a Personal Preference

First, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to your choices for floor covering, because it’s your house and you should do whatever makes you happy. To help you decide what is best for you, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of using carpet in your bathrooms.

Pros for Bathroom Carpet

1. Warmth: When the alarm starts its incessant clang and your eyes can barely part to navigate your way to the shower, a cold floor just might make you run back under the covers. Nothing can thwart the restorative benefits of a nice warm shower than exiting to bone-chilling flooring. The comfort and warmth of carpet is the primary reason to consider carpet for your bathroom. The thicker the pile, the better!
2. Safety: We haven’t heard of any accidents that involved slipping on carpet after exiting a shower. Perhaps it’s possible, but much less so than with other flooring options.
3. Upkeep: Contrary to what you might believe, if you select a carpet that is intended for the bathroom it can remain odorless and bacteria free. It’s all in the selection of the appropriate carpet for the conditions.

Why You Might Not Select Carpet

The major reason people avoid carpets in the bathroom is because when there is excess water, from splashes or an overflow, a mop can often dry things up faster to prevent mold/mildew than what it might take for a carpet to dry out.

Best Carpets for the Bathroom

When you are shopping for carpet flooring for your bathroom, you have many choices from finding rugs that can be thrown into the washing machine all the way to wall-to-wall carpeting. Look for:
• Water-resistant or washable carpets
• Waterproof waffle-backed carpets
• Carpets made from natural materials such as cotton or wool. Some synthetics such as nylon dry quickly as well

How to Use This Information

Before poo-pooing the idea of carpet for your bathroom outright, we invite you to visit us at Sloane’s Carpet Secret to learn all of your options. We are open on weekends or during the weekdays by appointment. Since we have name-brand irregulars, our carpet solutions are more affordable than found at other metro-area carpet purveyors. Give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to discuss the pros and cons of carpet for your bathrooms.
Tell us about your experience with carpet in the bathroom.