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You Vs. A Professional: Which Is Better for Carpet Cleaning?

We might be biased at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, but we think there is no better feeling than sinking your feet into freshly cleaned carpet. In order to extend the life of your carpet, it should be cleaned—not just vacuumed, but really cleaned—about once a year. If you choose to use a professional, this can get expensive quickly, but if you do it yourself you will need to invest the time. Today we want to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Do It Yourself

We are big proponents of DIY projects here at Sloane’s because you can save a significant amount of money, and the project might actually be fun! Cleaning your carpets doesn’t sound like much of a party, but with the right attitude and some tunes, it could be enjoyable. The main benefit is that you save money on professional carpet cleaning if you do it yourself. You also don’t have to make an appointment and wait for the cleaners to come, which is a nice perk since we all have things going on! You can rent or buy your own small steam cleaner, which is great for getting at those smaller stains or areas of your home with lots of foot traffic. However, there are some drawbacks to completing this process yourself. The hand-held cleaners do not have as much power as professional machines, and if you have a particularly soiled carpet it may not be as effective as you would like. Also, since DIY carpet-cleaning involves mixing your own chemicals and correctly using the machine, there is potential for things to go awry. Make sure that if you are going to tackle this yourself, you fully understand the machine and the process. If you are going to clean all of your carpets, we recommend calling in the professionals.

Professional Cleaning

Every time you bring in a professional, the major drawback is always the same: cost. It is definitely more cost-effective to clean your own carpets. However, the benefits of bringing in a professional may outweigh these costs in the end. First, they know what they’re doing: hence the term “professional!” This means you can have peace of mind knowing that things will turn out well. Secondly, their equipment is more powerful than anything you could buy or rent, so they will be able to pull out those tough stains and make your carpet look great. Lastly (and this may sound silly), you don’t have to do it yourself. This, for many people, is a huge benefit. Spending your time steam cleaning your own carpets may be cost-effective in the monetary sense, but people assign a lot of value to their time and their happiness. If cleaning your own carpets is going to drive you crazy and take away time you would rather use for something else, it may be worth it to call in the professionals. If the cost is still standing in your way, you don’t have to get all of your carpet cleaned at once. You can focus on the high-traffic areas or the areas you spend the most time in.

It is great to have a handheld steam cleaner around for small areas or stains. However, if you are going all in, it is probably a job for the professionals.

How to Use This Information

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