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Why You Should Consider A Wool Carpet For Your Home

There are a lot of materials of carpet to choose from, but one that’s coming back into vogue in recent years is actually one of the oldest textiles around: wool. If you want a carpet that’s elegant and sophisticated, but still easy to care for, here’s why wool should be on your radar.

Wool Carpet Is Better For Your Health

Wool fibers are all natural. They’re also hypoallergenic — wool is very good at absorbing and desorbing moisture, creating a very dry environment within the fibers that is hostile to bacteria and dust mites.

Wool Is Flame-Resistant

We’re not saying you should planfor a fire, but sometimes accidents happen and it’s good to know that you’re as prepared as possible. Lots of people have fireplaces or like to light candles, and if a stray ember or mischievous cat brings a flame in contact with your flooring, wool won’t catch alight.

Since it’s a natural organic fiber, wool won’t melt on contact with heat. In fact, wool’s dense fibers and upper pile layer will naturally inhibit flames, which is why many fire blankets are made of wool.

Wool Carpets Are Durable

Wool fibers are famously durable, having been used for centuries to make clothes and textiles that long outlast cotton or other fibers. Wool will last for years, retaining its luxurious look and feel, even with heavy foot traffic.

Wool Is Environmentally Friendly

By definition, wool is extremely sustainable — a single sheep can produce up to 30 pounds of wool in a year! It’s also biodegradable and recyclable, so once your carpet has lived out its life in your home, it can be removed and either disposed of responsible or turned into other products rather than piling up in a landfill.

Wool is also much less energy-intensive to produce than synthetic fibers — after all, it’s technically fuelled by grass — so the carbon footprint of harvest and producing wool products is very low.

Wool Is Luxurious

We all know the sumptuous feeling of a new pair of wool socks. What if you could feel that all the time? Well with wool carpets, you can! Wool carpets are soft underfoot, but extremely durable to extended foot traffic.

Wool fibers aren’t as absorbent as cotton fibers, so your wool carpet is very resistant to stains of all kinds, and it’s easy to clean and vacuum. With wool flooring, you get the best of all worlds — a gorgeous, elegant carpet that will stay that way for years to come.