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Why Do you Need New Carpet Colorado? An Update on Our Contest

We hope you had a nice holiday season with your families and friends. We’re happy to announce that we’ve received some great entries for our, Why Do You Need New Carpet Colorado Facebook Contest. Before we share some of the responses with you, we want to remind you that you have until February 10, 2014, to submit your story to us. Enter the contest here: http://bit.ly/18wR7TV


We’ve been so delighted with the response to our contest that we’ve decided to share some of the stories with you:


“My two sons recently decided to move away from our home and although I will be sad, our basement desperately needs new carpet. These two boys destroyed it! There’s food stains everywhere, they never took their shoes off AND when they did take their shoes off their feet smelled terrible, so bad that I’m sure the stench still lives in the carpet today.” – Sharon H.


“Remember the old saying, ‘the son of the shoemaker has no shoes’? I felt the same way here – ‘interior designer with threadbare carpet.’ Just bought my first apartment last year, but funds are tight on replacing the dog stained- iron burn mark– spilled beet juice, old, old, ugly carpet. I love supporting local businesses too and I would love to be entered in winning some new carpet for my bedroom.” – Teia V.   


We want to personally thank Sharon and Teia for sharing their stories with us. Keep those stories coming in to our Facebook page and we’ll make our decision on the winner by Valentine’s Day.


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We’re thrilled with the responses we’ve received for our contest. Sloane’s provides the best discount carpet in Colorado and the Denver Metro Area. Stop by our carpet location today, and browse from the best wholesale carpets Denver. We are committed to helping you affordably improve your home and your life.


We’ll keep updating our blog on the status of our contest. Make sure and get your stories in before February 10, 2014. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page. Have you entered our contest yet? Enter here: http://bit.ly/18wR7TV