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Updating Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up fast. For all the hosts and hostesses out there, if you’re looking around your home and starting to get that rising feeling of anxiety about whether your home will impress, we know what you’re going through. But before you start tearing down that wall or daydreaming of a whole new house, consider all the other things on your holiday to-do list. Being in the middle of a giant renovation is probably the last thing you want when Grandma and Grandpa walk through the door. Instead of renovating, focus on updating your home for the holidays and make small upgrades that will wow your guests without blowing your budget or causing your stress levels to vault through the roof.

Focus on a Single Room or Area

Rather than freaking out about the whole house, focus on one room or area that you know your family and friends will be spending a lot of time in when they visit. The living room is a great choice and can be fairly simple to upgrade if you approach it in pieces. You could also do small updates to your kitchens or spruce up the decor in the guest bathroom if you know those will be high-traffic areas while everyone’s together. Whatever you think needs the most TLC and aligns with what you believe you can handle without tipping the stress scales too severely, buckle down and make a plan (complete with a timeline!) to get it done.

Don’t Bite off More Than You Can Chew

Like we said, no one wants a half-complete renovation added into the mix when holiday season arrives, so making sure to keep the updates smaller in scale and totally doable without bringing in the heavy machinery is the key to success here. Don’t shoot for the stars with the whole first floor. Steer away from making your one “big” project something like replacing appliances or ripping up installations to opt for a new floorplan. Keep it simple and reap the rewards that little changes can make.

Upgrade in Favor of Comfort

Though it might sometimes seem like just the opposite is true, the holidays are all about getting comfy and making cozy memories with the ones you love most. So when you’re looking toward making holiday upgrades to your home, consider comfort. Add carpet to a room that had previously been uncarpeted if you know you and yours will be spending a lot of time lounging around. Pick out some extra-fuzzy throw blankets to have available for that inevitable post-Thanksgiving dinner nap. If you focus on what can make your home more comfortable when you upgrade, you’ll have nothin but a blissed-out, belly-full family thanking you for being a rockstar host while they curl up and share stories. And really, that may be the best upgrade of all.

The holidays can be a stressful time, and it makes sense that you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to letting your loved ones into your home. Just make sure that when you’re choosing which updates to handle in this season, you’re keeping your eye on the ultimate prize. Having a happy, low-stress holiday that creates lasting memories for everyone.