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Shave Savings off Your Home Remodel Project

As you dream and make plans for a home remodel, whether it’s the carpet in one room or a dramatic overhaul, there are several small things that you could do along the timeline to save on your home remodel project. While separately it might not seem like it will make much of a dent to your project’s bottom line, collectively you will reap the rewards of your budget-conscious choices.

Enhance Efficiency

When you’re feeling cramped for space, consider ways that you can enhance efficiency rather than invest in a costly addition to your home. Sometimes improving the functionality of a room, cabinet or storage area will be just what you need for a bit more breathing space in your home. Consider altering the function of a room so that it serves dual purposes such as adding a daybed to your office space so there’s a cozy, private space for overnight guests, while your family takes advantage of the room the rest of the year.

Donate, Upcycle and Recycle

Don’t forget to donate your usable discards to recycling centers such as Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores. In addition to getting a tax deduction, you will also reduce your impact on the landfill. Visit one of ReStores’ 850 nationwide locations when it’s time to purchase supplies for your home to receive half off typical home-center prices on salvaged materials.

DIY Demo & Deliveries

To free up funds to hire remodeling pros where you need them such as for carpet installation, find ways that your elbow grease and manual labor can save you money. Demolition is typically a good place to shave savings off your project. Just be sure you are informed about what should stay and go. (Load-bearing walls stay.)  Take care of material deliveries yourself. Even if you need to rent or buy a trailer, you will oftentimes be financially ahead of where you’d be if you paid your supplier to deliver.

Consider Long-Term Costs

When looking at your project budget, keep in mind short-term gains might not leave you ahead in the long run. Sometimes cutting corners results in higher maintenance costs down the line, when spending a bit more upfront will add substantially to the longevity of the materials and few or less frequent maintenance needs.

Timing is Everything

With proper planning, you can secure the services of remodeling pros during their slower seasons to take advantage of specials they offer to improve business when they aren’t as busy. Also, be sure to check with your contractors to see if they have scrap material from other jobs that might be useful for yours.

How to Use this Information

At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we understand how important it is to preserve quality even when being mindful of project costs. That’s why our business is all about finding you premium carpet solutions for up to 60% off. Please visit our showroom or give us a call to let us know how we can help you with your home remodel project.

What are ways you have found to shave savings from your home remodel project?