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Tips on how to avoid the “Is that really the wall color” syndrome

The easiest and cheapest way to change the look of a room is to paint. A new paint color will give your bedroom a new personality. Update that tired den with a warm inviting color watch the change take place!

Can’t imagine a new color? Head to your favorite paint store and get help from an expert.
How many times have you painted a color and were surprised at the result? Get advice.
Explain the look that you are going for and bring in fabric swatches.

Experiment with a different color scheme BUT try it out first. Professional paint stores will have small samples of all their colors. Buy 3-5 different colors along with white pieces of cardboard about 10” x14”. Paint the squares with 2 coats, let them dry, and hang up on the wall. Live with the squares for a day or two before deciding. This is the easiest and cheapest way to choose a new color scheme without costly mistakes.

If you love your current paint color, another great but slightly more pricey option would be to change your flooring. If you buy your carpet at discount prices you can get a vast variety of options to match your walls at a great price.