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Budget-Friendly Tips for Decorating your Patio

You’ve caught it, haven’t you? Spring fever is here! When it arrives, so does the daydreaming of what we can do to make our patios even more enjoyable places to hang out. As smart shoppers, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite tips for decorating your patio in an affordable way.

Make Your Own Curtains

You can shield your family from the sun and create a comfortable place to lounge on your patio with a reasonably priced curtain from IKEA or for those of you who are crafty, you can fashion your own. Position the curtain overhead like an awning or drape it vertically to offer privacy and protection.

Use a Rug to Tie Things Together

Indoors or out, rugs complete the look of your seating area. It’s best to get a mold and water-resistant rug to use outdoors. You can even paint a rectangle on the deck to look like a rug for a similar effect.

Plants, Plants, Flowers, Plants

When in Mother Nature, you should play it up by populating your patio with flowers and plants. Use a baker’s rack or other shelf to elevate the plants to decorator status. You can get great deals on vinca, petunias, herbs, geraniums or lemongrass, a natural mosquito repellent.

Add Indoor to Outdoor

With just a little touch of indoors from an end table or a table lamp, you create a homey vibe on your patio. Bonus! When you borrow from your indoor furnishings to decorate your outdoor space, there’s no additional cost to you!

Concrete Blocks

With a little bit of paint, the options for concrete blocks for a patio are pretty endless—planters, benches, fences. Never fear, a quick search on Pinterest will show you how cinder blocks can be quite fashionable!

Let There Be Light

From twinkle lights to candles in mason jars to chandeliers with solar lights instead of lightbulbs, there are many cost-effective ways to add lights—and ambiance—to your patio.

How to Use this Information

At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we are all about finding ways for you to add comfort and quality to your home without breaking the bank. Spring is just a natural time to refresh your patio as well as consider replacing your carpet with premium brand-name carpet. We can get you high-quality carpet for less. Please give us a call at 303-300-9555 or contact us online today to find out our carpet secret.

What are ways you plan to decorate your patio this spring?