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The History of Sloane’s

Sloane’s Carpet Secret is the best-loved carpet store in the Denver area, but how did we get here? We decided to let Josh Alban, the manager of Sloane’s, tell you about our history and how we do what we do.

The Very Beginning

Josh’s family has been in the residential carpet business in Denver since the 1950s, dating all the way back to their first home decor business in 1951. That makes Josh the third generation of his family to provide high-quality home carpets to their Denver customers.

When Josh’s grandparents first got started in the 1950s, their business was located on West Colfax — when it was still a dirt road! Denver has come a long way in the last few decades, but the mission of Josh’s family has stayed the same.

In 2005, Josh’s parents opened Sloane’s Carpet Secret, aiming to sell middle- to high-end carpets at massive discounts in a warehouse environment — “think Whole Foods quality at Costco prices,” Josh says.

Josh started out his career in Silicon Valley, working for a company that helped put more satellites into space than any other company in history. He left the aerospace world and came back to Denver to take the family carpet business to the next level and work with his family. People in the community love Sloane’s and what we do, and Josh wanted to be a part of it!

What’s The Secret?

We call ourselves Sloane’s Carpet Secret, but we actually love to tell people what the secret is! Sloane’s Carpet Secret is the only third-generation, family-owned carpet store stocking and selling mid-range to premium carpet with slight imperfections.

We get carpet straight from the manufacturer with tiny defects — most too small to even see or feel — that can’t be sold at retail prices. We then take those deep discounts from the manufacturers and pass them onto our customers. Almost everything we carry is discounted to at least 50% off of retail prices, and some of it is discounted even more!

The “Secret” is that buying carpet can be a simple, satisfying process that gets you a fantastic carpet without going broke. Buying carpet doesn’t have to be expensive, intimidating, or pressuring — you just need a little help.

How Does Sloane’s Sell Carpet?

Over the years, the three generations of carpet sellers in Josh’s family came to an important realization — most people don’t know anything about buying carpet, and that’s ok!

The fact is, buying carpet is a very infrequent undertaking — most homeowners do it once a decade, if that. In the meantime, styles, materials, textures, and technologies change. The end result is that when people go to buy carpet, they’re intimidated and overwhelmed by the options.

They’re also on a budget, as any homeowner, remodeler, or house flipper is. Since they don’t know much about carpets, they buy lower-quality carpet, thinking it’s all they can afford. But at Sloane’s, that’s not the case! Not only can our customers get high-quality carpets at discount prices, but our salespeople are carpet experts.

We’ll ask you all the right questions about your home, your lifestyle, your tastes, and your carpet needs, then talk you through your options so you can make an informed decision about the style of carpet that will work best for you. We also show you the exact roll of carpet that we’ll be putting in your house, so you can make an informed decision about exactly what you’re getting. And to cap it all off, every carpet is installed by master installers with a minimum of ten years’ experience installing high-quality, residential carpet.

Josh’s family has been selling premium residential carpet at great prices to Denver customers for decades — it’s safe to say we’ve got carpet selling figured out. So the next time you need to carpet a whole house or just one room, stop by! Your family’s feet deserve the best, and we’ll help you find it.