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Summer Carpet Trends

As the premier discount carpet store in Denver, those of us at Sloane’s Carpet Secret are always up on carpeting trends. This helps us bring you the best selection of in-style carpeting for a great price! You may have noticed that summer is upon us, and we wanted to showcase some carpeting that is particularly trendy for this summer. Even if you are not in the market for new carpet this summer, adding a rug or two with these trends in mind will brighten up your home!

  1. Light colors. This may seem like an obvious trend, but it is a prominent and important one nonetheless! Light colors can bring warmth to a room while also absorbing less heat than darker shades. This summer, trends are straying away from traditional white and off-white carpeting (although these will always be a classic choice). We recommend going for a pale shade of red (a peach or pink), blue or green. Although blue and green are technically “cool” colors, we associate them with nature, and this makes them perfect for summer. In particular, a lighter green with gray undertones will brighten up a room in a subtle way, and it is great for hiding dirt and stains. Adding in one of these colors can bring summer into your home instantly.
  2. Pops of color. If you are thinking about updating your rugs for summer, finding a rug with a pop of color that matches the décor in the room is a great idea. Finding a rug with a mostly neutral tone and a design that adds color will spruce up the space without making the rug the main focus of the room. If you are updating your carpet, a great way to add color subtly is to choose a neutral carpet that has small flecks of color in it. This is hugely popular right now but is not just a summer trend—it works beautifully year-round!
  3. A carpet with a pattern woven in throughout can add a summery feeling without being overwhelming. Particularly if your furniture is solid-colored, a patterned carpet can add dimension and a bit of excitement to a room. Summer trends are, predictably, based in nature: you will see a lot of floral and leaf patterns. These designs are great for their stylish appeal and also for their ability to hide dirt and stains! Could you ask for anything more?

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At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, it is our goal to bring you stylish, high-quality carpet that is actually affordable. Installing great carpet in your home should not be a financially trying project, and we do everything we can to make the process simple and even enjoyable. For more information or to schedule a weekday appointment, call Sloane’s today at (303) 300-9555 or contact us online!