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Spring Denver Home Redecorating on a Budget

Spring is here! That means bright colors, more sun and time outside, and spring cleaning. What better way to redecorate your home than in small, easy, cheap steps? If you’re tired of the old, drab, hibernation-state of your home, and want to modernize or add color to it on a budget, here are some easy tips to redecorating your home:

1. Add color.

Switch out those old pillows and add ones in different colors you enjoy! Whether you’re adding bright colors in ode of Spring or dark colors to express your individual taste, you can change up the look and feel of your room simply by adding and subtracting items and decor from your room! You can add a colorful rug, some new drapes, or liven up the room with fake flowers.

2. Repurpose old items.

Have an old frame lying around and need a perfume mirror? Paint the frame and add a mirror or wallpaper into the frame and lay it on your bureau for an instant new perfume area! Have an old bench and need an office chair? Reupholster its old fabrics with a modern print or paint it for an instant, interesting chair! Old items can be reused with imagination, creativity, and a little elbow grease.

3. Paint!

Paint can change the look and feel of a room in an instant. To update your home, find a different colored paint or add wallpaper. Want an eclectic and quirky look to your home for Spring? Wall each room with a different color or pattern to add interest and pop. This new color will update your home’s style and will surely put a “spring” in your step!

4. Add and change the lighting.

Lighting adds a lot to a room. The right lighting can make your bedroom chamber a place of comfort and bliss, just as the wrong lighting can make it eerie and insomnia-inducing. Change up the lighting in your home by adding lamps and lights of different varieties, colors, and shapes. Want to add color instead of the permanence and extra work of painting? Pick a light bulb with a subtle hue to it to cast a faint color to your room.

The way your home looks and feels will dictate how you look and feel. Environment has a lot to do with our moods and efficiency, so it’s important to keep a place that demonstrates your personality and style.

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