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Clean Carpets: Job No. 1 for Spring Cleaning

It’s the time of year when we crawl out of our winter routines and get motivated to clean things out and spruce things up. When you think about all the mud and muck tracked on your carpet throughout winter, it’s no wonder “clean carpets” is one of the first items on any to-do list for spring cleaning. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we offer you a unique opportunity to purchase name-brand carpets at unbelievable savings, so we certainly want you to maintain those savings by taking care of your carpets. Here are some of our recommendations for giving the carpets in your home some spring-cleaning treatment.

1.  Thoroughly Vacuum Carpet

We’re talking move-all-the-furniture, get-out-the-crevices-tool cleaning. When focused on weekly maintenance, high-traffic areas get all the love. Springtime is the perfect time to ensure you vacuum under the furniture, along the baseboards and give other hard-to-reach areas attention.

2.  Spot Treat Carpeting

When you throw open the blinds to let natural light shine on your carpet, you might see some spots that need attention. Whether you go with a commercial cleaning solution or make your own like this recipe from Clean Mama, take some time in spring to tackle those spots. Another trick to get rid of pesky spots:

  • Concoct a solution of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the stain and place a damp rag over it.
  • Iron the rag for about 30 seconds, with the iron set on the steam setting.

3.  Steam Clean Carpet

Whether you schedule a professional carpet cleaner or bust out your own carpet-steaming contraption, the next step in your spring carpet-cleaning repertoire is to steam clean the carpets. Believe it or not a simple solution of vinegar and water (with a little essential oil to add fragrance) is one of the most cost-efficient as well as effective carpet cleaners.

How to Use this Information
Sometimes you just have to break out of your daily routine and devote concentrated time to deep clean areas of your home. That’s why we recommend using spring as a trigger to put “clean carpets” on your to-do list. When you need new carpet, we hope to be the ones to help you out at our weekend-only showroom. Please call us at 303-300-9555 or contact us online to let us tell you about our services.

What’s on your spring cleaning to-do list?