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Sloane’s Quick Kitchen Upgrades

We know it is only October, but this time of year flies by so quickly, and here at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we want to help you get prepared for the holiday season. Many memories are made during the holidays, and a good portion of them take place in the kitchen. This month, we are bringing our readers ideas for easy upgrades to your kitchen—we guarantee these tips will make your holiday cooking less overwhelming!

Update your Lighting

When you are cooking or just spending time with family and friends in the kitchen, it makes a difference to have nice lighting. This may be as simple as making sure your light bulbs are all changed and are shining brightly, but if you are looking for a bit more change, you can update your light fixtures easily and inexpensively. Places like Target and IKEA have many choices of light fixtures for great prices, or you can always visit a lighting store and see a plethora of different fixtures. You can also easily install under-cabinet lighting for an extra glow.

Invest in a Sturdy Dish Rack

Around the holidays, it always seems like there are tons of dishes that are not dishwasher-safe. Therefore, a good dish rack will really help you stay organized and get the dishes out of the way. It also allows dishes to dry more quickly than just stacking them up on the counter! Along with this, consider buying some new dish towels to make the kitchen more festive and to dry dishes efficiently.

Buy a Large Cutting Board

Especially around the holidays, I always feel like I don’t have enough room to chop and really express my creative cooking side. A few years ago, I took the plunge and bought a large cutting board. I now have all the room I need, and I also got to cover up a significant portion of my worn countertop with a nice wooden cutting board!

Sharpen your Knives

You have probably heard that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one, which is absolutely true. On top of that, dull knives are a nuisance when you have so many different things to chop and dice and mince! You can take your knives into a knife sharpener—many kitchen stores such as Sur la Table and Williams-Sonoma offer knife-sharpening. You can also buy a knife sharpener at any store that sells kitchen supplies and tackle the project yourself!

Use a Memo Board

Having a memo board can really help keep things organized—you can write down ingredients you need, pin printed recipes so you don’t have to keep touching your phone with fingers covered in mashed potatoes, and write a message to your guests that welcomes them to your home. Cork bulletin boards and small chalkboards work best for this, and both can be found at an office supply store. Bonus: if you are really stressed about the holidays, you can use the board to write encouraging messages to yourself!

How to Use This Information

Here at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we know that hosting during the holidays can be stressful. We want to offer all of our support, which is why we bring you tips each month for cleaning and sprucing up! Along with this, we offer the best discount carpet in Denver, and we want you to come see us if you feel like upgrading your carpet before the holidays. Call us today at (303) 300-9555 or contact us online!