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How to Save Money as a New Homeowner

Buying a new home is a huge step in life, and it can be exciting but very daunting at the same time. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we work with many new homeowners and it is always our goal to help them find the carpet they love at a price they love. There are many small ways you, as a new homeowner, can save a few bucks here and there. Read on to find ways to save money as a new homeowner!

1. Inspect your home for leaks (toilets and sinks). This is a great thing to do as you are moving into your home. The smallest leak or a running toilet can do a number on your water bill, not to mention the water waste. Inspect your bathrooms and your kitchen closely, and if you do hear or see a leak get it taken care of right away. If you notice down the road that your water bill is significantly higher than normal, it is probably due to a leak.

2. Install a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to schedule temperature increases and decreases in your home automatically. In the winter, you can set it to decrease several degrees while you are asleep and then increase again as you wake up. You can do the reverse in the summer—if no one will be home during the day, you can set the air conditioning to turn on before you get home so you will return to a cool house without wasting money running the AC at cooler temps all day. They are very easy to install and use, and they will make a surprisingly large dent in that utility bill!

3. Replace your air filter, and make sure vents are clean and unobstructed. Changing the filter on your furnace or AC unit is very easy, and only requires you to measure the old filter and head to the hardware store to find one with the same measurements. After that, walk around the house and inspect the vents. Make sure they are free of dust and debris and that nothing is obstructing them such as furniture. Following these steps will make it easier to efficiently heat and cool your home, meaning that you will not have to crank the temperature up or down to be comfortable.

4. Install high-efficiency appliances where you can. If you are hunting for appliances, investing in high-efficiency versions makes a big long-term difference in saving you money and making your home more environmentally friendly. They do cost more up-front, and it may be difficult to buy all high-efficiency appliances, but add one in where you can. Keep them in mind for down the line when you will need to replace an appliance as well.

5. Remember Sloane’s Carpet Secret when you want to replace your carpet! You may want to replace all of it right away, there may be a few rooms you want to tackle, or you may want to wait awhile. In any case, whenever you are ready give Sloane’s a call. We have the best discount carpet in Denver that will look great and make your bank account breathe a sigh of relief. We are here for you!

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