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Re-imagine the Old: Incorporate Antiques into Your Modern Home

Some home owners love the modern look of new furniture, homes and appliances. Some home owners prefer the classy, traditional antique look of their décor. The way you decorate your home is your personal preference and can say a lot about who you are, what you like and your style. But what happens when you want to add some antiques to your modern home? Is this even possible without breaking the laws of science and home decorating 101? Of course it’s possible! Here are some tips on how you can add some antiques to your modern home.

  • Start with contrast. This includes wall paint and carpet. Mix those hard colors (bright, deep colors) with softer colors. Adding in an accent wall of either color to a room will help add some contrast to your antiques. For your carpet, you can add some crazy patterns to your safe colored carpet. For example, try a zebra stripped print for the carpet on your stairs. This will add contrast to any room of the house. Sloane’s, a full service discount carpet company, can help you find the perfect carpet to give your room some contrast.
  • Take a look at your lighting. Pendants give a kitchen a great modern look. Try and a candle chandelier antique to really spice up your kitchen.
  • Add a claw tub to your bathroom. This old school antique will give your tub the antique look that you are looking for.


Artwork can also help you add some antique classiness to your modern home. Hang an old painting up to help the contrast of the wall paint. You can also have a piece of furniture act as artwork. Place an old chair in the corner to give the room a nice antique feel. And watch it pop when placed on a crazy carpet color. These are just a couple of ideas to integrate some old (antiques) into the new (modern). But before you go all crazy with these examples, let us give you one more tip: don’t’ do too much of one thing. Keep it simple and enjoy your space the way it was meant to be enjoyed!


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