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Plan Now for your Outdoor Remodeling Job

Spring fever is about to strike with a vengeance! When it does, our minds begin to percolate with all the ways to enhance our outdoor space to enjoy it even more once the temperatures warm up. When you consider an outdoor remodeling job, you not only gain valuable living space, but your property values can also go up. At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we know the value of name-brand carpet for your home, but we also love to share other ideas that can have a similar impact. Let’s take a look at some things to consider as you dream of ways to improve your outdoor space.

What’s Driving Your Desire to Remodel?

Job No. 1 in your plan to remodel your outdoor space is to figure out how you plan to use it. Neighborhood parties where you’ll watch an outdoor movie? Lots of alfresco meals? A garden patch? Once you know what you want to do outdoors, you can create a plan to support that vision.

Problem Solve with Your Plan

Consider the unique challenges of your space. Are you too close to your neighbors and want to have lots of privacy? You’ll need to plan for that.  Do you want a hot tub, but your available space is on a hill? Again, make a plan that accounts for your space’s particular challenges. It’s important to consider the utilities of the space including gas, electrical and plumbing.

Consult with a Professional

Don’t underestimate the value of getting a professional opinion, even if your plan is to do most of the work yourself. A landscaping pro or someone who has experience remodeling outdoor space can help avert issues that you may not think when you’re just a weekend warrior. In our business, we find that it certainly pays to have our professionals install your carpet to increase its performance and longevity.

How to Use This Information

Now’s the time to plan an outdoor remodeling job so that your work is done and ready to enjoy before the sun sets on your first summer day! When it comes to indoor or outdoor remodels, having a good plan in place will save you time and money in the long run. When your remodel calls for carpet, we hope you will try out our revolutionary weekend-only showroom where we sell name-brand carpets for less. To learn more, please call us at 303-300-9555 or contact us online.

What kinds of outdoor remodels are you planning so that it’s ready to enjoy the first day of summer?