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Plan Ahead for Deals on Airline Tickets and Colorado Carpet

In order to get the best airline flight deals from any carrier, including Denver-based Frontier Airlines, most of the time it requires a little planning. In fact, planning is the key to getting a good price on many things, including Colorado carpet from Sloane’s Carpet Secret’s weekend-only showroom.

3 Months in Advance Experts recommend starting your search for airline tickets at least three months in advance of departure. Sign up for email alerts from online aggregator tools that monitor airline prices so you will be notified as the prices fluctuate. Plan to book your flight on either Tuesday or Wednesday, because airlines typically release sales early in the week. Since discounted fares are only available in limited quantities, the reduced rates might not be available if you wait until the weekend to book.

Online Deals If you have a preferred airline such as Frontier Airlines, be sure to sign up to receive e-mail notifications of their online deals. Oftentimes, Frontier will offer special promotions and holiday rates such as Frontier’s recent Columbus Day deals. You don’t want to miss out on a great deal by blocking out their emails. In addition, add your preferred airlines to your social media feeds which give you another way to be notified if they begin a promotion. You’ll get a better deal by purchasing online in advance rather than at the gate for any separate fees including upgrades, checked bags and early boarding privileges.

Take Advantage of Preferred Customer Programs Sign up for preferred customer programs every chance you get including an airline’s credit card reward, frequent flyer and other discount programs.

How to Use This Information
There’s no doubt the formula to get a great deal on your next flight is constantly changing. One thing that remains a sure bet even with all the changes to the industry is to avoid last-minute planning. To get the best outcome in your carpet purchase, we encourage you to plan with our experts at Sloane’s Carpet Secret. Please call us at 303-300-9555 or contact us online and let us know your carpet needs. What are some tricks you have used to get a great deal on an airline ticket?