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Plan a Denver Day With Twenty Bucks Or Less

We all understand the impetus behind planning an adventurous day to the city. Being among the high-rises and all the busy workers bustling across intersections, finding great local restaurants and stores to explore, and meeting people from a plethora of backgrounds. There’s little left to be desired in a city, except for one glaring issue: City-life can be expensive. The cost of living in Denver is slightly above average relative to the entire country. But despite that, a city is huge, and there is a way to spend an enjoyable day in the concrete jungle without having spending very much. At Sloane’s Carpet Secrets, we believe in getting more bang for your buck for more than just your quality carpets. Here is a day-plan you could pursue that we will guarantee won’t see you dispensing more than twenty dollars.

The first major headache you always have to deal with when driving into any city is expensive parking. Parking alone for an entire day could cost you twenty bucks. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives that will allow you to drive into Denver without having to spend all that cash. If you don’t mind spending a little bit of money on public transportation, then the greatest solution to your parking problem is taking the light rail into town. Outfitted with gargantuan free parking facilities, there’s no easier way to travel downtown than the light-rail, which typically cost around $4.50

So we’re left with 16.50 in our budget, we need to plan at least lunch for yourself. There are myriad places to dine in Denver, with prices varying across the town. Naturally, you will have to walk away from the city center to find some more affordable sustenance, but by doing that, you will be exploring one of Denver’s distinct neighborhoods, adding to your day’s itinerary. Some great, affordable restaurants with character include:


  • Park Burger
  • Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs
  • Boney’s Smokehouse Pit Barbeque
  • Buenos Aires Pizzeria
  • Benny’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar


Before and after lunch, you can stop by one of Denver’s many parks and relax in the sun, such as Civic Center Park. You can spend the afternoon in some of Denver’s special museum days. For instance, the Denver art museum offers free admission on the first Saturdays of the month.

Finally, there are many interesting local stores to visit. Soul Haus has some very interesting and unique selections of jewelry and clothes you could check out. Or stop by the IheartDenver store and display your glorious pride in the mile high city for the world to see. Ultimately, there are many interesting and affordable things to do in the Queen City of the West; it’s just a matter of doing your research. With some of these helpful tips, you can plan an adventurous Denver day with a single twenty dollar bill.

How To Use This Information

Just like Sloane’s Carpet Secrets believes that a carpet store should provide discounted rugs, it’s important to make sure you are getting as much as you can for every dollar you put in. This information will help you save your money by enjoying the perks of the city, while still having some leftover money to go about your less leisurely activities of the day, like going to the bank, buying that gorgeous discounted rug you’ve had your eye on, or piling your coupons before a grocery shopping spree.

What are some affordable activities you do in Denver?