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Flood Replacement: Picking Up The Pieces After The Colorado Flood

Colorado saw one of its darkest times in our history to close out the summer of 2013. The week of September 9, 2013, will be unforgettable for many of our residents. Steady rainfall pounded much of the state for five days and caused massive flooding in the metro, Boulder and Northern Colorado areas. Luckily, the rain stopped and the sun, along with warmer weather, shifted the focus from evacuation to cleaning and restoring. The numbers from the flood are shocking. Some areas of Colorado saw over 9 inches of rain fall in one day. Boulder saw 17.17 inches of rain over a seven day period. The previous all-time record in one month was 9.95 inches in 1995. Close to 12,000 people were evacuated, and reports in Larimer County alone estimate that flooding has destroyed at least 1,500 homes. The clean-up will be long and difficult, but Colorado will bounce back. That’s what we do when we’re faced with a challenge. We rally around our state and help those in need. Sloane’s is a 33 year old Colorado business that believes in giving back to its community. Our hearts go out to those who experienced loss during the recent rainstorms and floods. To keep in the spirit of helping our community we are offering flood replacement specials for those affected by the flood. It’s a small gesture compared to other efforts; however, we want to do our part to give those affected by the floods an opportunity to get their homes back to where the used to be. Bring your family to Sloane’s, your Colorado Carpet store, for deals on all your carpet needs.


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Sloane’s Carpet Secret is dedicated to helping all the communities affected by the Colorado floods. We’ll help you pick your flood replacement discount carpet today and hold your selection until you’re ready for installation. If you’d like to donate to the victims of the flood, or to volunteer your time, please visit the Colorado Red Cross chapter for more information.


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