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Pallets as Decoration and Furniture

We absolutely love a good deal at Sloane’s Carpet Secret, and we know that you often find the best deal when you make a product yourself. Have you seen all the things you can create out of pallets? From planters to art pieces to furniture, we hope you find something that strikes your fancy and gets you inspired!

I Need Help Deciding What to Make!

Don’t worry—we are here for you. The great thing about pallets is that you do not need to be a carpenter or woodworker in order to make something useful or interesting with them. We recommend looking at your space and thinking about something that you need or want. Maybe you just want a surface to paint on to add some color to a room. Maybe you want to build an end table. Maybe you need a shelving unit for your wine collection in the kitchen. We truly believe that you can make almost anything out of pallets, depending on your level of patience and your willingness to get a bit messy. You can look up all kinds of ideas for inspiration—the world is full of cool pallet projects these days.

How Do I Find a Pallet?

Pallets can be found at warehouses and shipping areas, and you can also check furniture and hardware stores. There has been some controversy over using pallets for projects because the products they carry can affect their quality and safety. The best pallets are going to come from dry goods shipment locations. You will want to avoid pallets that have been used to transport chemicals or liquids as there is a good possibility that those liquids may have spilled onto the pallet. It is best if you can trace the origin of your pallet. Look for pallets with an “HT” code printed, which means they have undergone heat treatment for bugs. If the pallet does not have a code on it, do not use it—there is no way to know where it came from and what it has gone through without a code. Even with that code, it is hard to know exactly what your pallet has come in contact with. We recommend using them for outdoor projects, though if you have a handle on where your pallet came from there are many great indoor projects as well. We would steer clear from using pallets for eating surfaces or children’s furniture.

I Have My Pallet. What Now?

Congratulations! You have carefully selected a pallet. The next step depends on what you are making and how hard you want to work on it. For instance, things like planters and shoe racks do not require you to take the pallet a part, which is nice. You may still want to sand and treat these, though, depending on how you want your pallets to look and to protect them from weathering. Some people do not sand and treat them because then they look more rustic and you can tell that they are reclaimed, which is part of their aesthetic appeal! If you are looking at a larger project like a table or a bench, it will require more work because you will have to tear them apart and likely work with a saw. In any case, your vision will determine how much work you put in. Make sure you gather the necessary supplies before you start working—having to run to the hardware store for more sandpaper in the middle of the project means you are less likely to actually finish the project! Once you have your idea, your supplies and maybe some good music to get you going, you are ready to create your masterpiece. We wish you the best in your pallet endeavors!

How to Use This Information

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