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The Pros And Cons Of Natural Carpet Fiber

Posted on: January 14th, 2019

Choosing a new carpet involves a lot of decisions. You’ll want a color and a pattern that fits your room and your furniture, you’ll have to think about how they feel under your feet, and you’ll want to think about the long-term durability and ease of cleaning of your carpet going forward. Last, but certainly…

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Should You Steam Clean Your Carpets Yourself Or Hire A Pro?

Posted on: January 8th, 2019

Deep-cleaning your carpets isn’t much fun, but it’s necessary to get the most life out of your carpets. You should probably do it around once a year, but most homeowners admit to only having their carpets cleaned every few years, sometimes less. But carpet cleaning isn’t just about getting out stubborn stains — it’s about…

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Why Some Carpet Stains Come Back, And How To Stop It

Posted on: January 2nd, 2019

So you spilled something on your beautiful carpet — wine, tomato sauce, or maybe a child or pet had an … accident. Not to worry! You cleaned the stain, and everything looked great again. But wait! A few days later, you take a closer look, and the stain is back. How did that happen? The…

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Making Your Carpet Last – 6 Tips For Proper Carpet Care

Posted on: December 28th, 2018

When it comes to comfort, carpet is king. It’s softer, warmer, and cozier than any other flooring surface — that’s why it’s all over your house! The downside? It’s not as durable as hard surfaces like tile, laminate, or wood. It can pick up stains, accumulate dirt, and wear down over time. While you can’t…

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Choosing The Perfect Carpet Color For Your Home

Posted on: December 26th, 2018

Buying new carpet involves a lot of decisions — the style of carpet, natural or synthetic fibers, the choice of material, the texture, the patterns, the price point, and finally, the color. The color of your carpet is a difficult decision — it’s hard to visualize how a certain color will fill a whole room…

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Everything You Need To Know About Frieze — The Modern Shag Carpet

Posted on: December 20th, 2018

You may have memories of your parents’ shag carpets from the 60s and 70s — shades of orange and brown, with shags long enough to lose a pencil. But shag carpet has come a long way since then, so we thought it’d be worth taking a look at its modern cousin — frieze carpet. What…

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5 Carpet Trends For 2019

Posted on: December 18th, 2018

You may not think of your carpet as the most glamorous piece of your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up. If you’ve been meaning to replace your carpet with something a little more modern and a little more exciting, take a look at these trends for carpet in the new year.…

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3 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Posted on: December 14th, 2018

A new year means a new you! But it can also mean a new home. No, we’re not saying you have to move houses every January, but there are a few things you can do around the house to save money, reduce hassle, and make your home feel like a brand new place to live.…

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How To Flip A House On A Budget

Posted on: December 11th, 2018

Make no mistake, house-flipping can be an expensive business. Hopefully, you did your due diligence and got all the inspections you needed so the home you’re flipping doesn’t need any major structural work — nonetheless, renovating a home involves a lot of different tasks that can really add up. When it comes to interiors, finishing,…

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How To Finish A Basement On A Budget

Posted on: December 6th, 2018

We’re always looking for more space in our homes, it seems — room to watch the big game, to work on our hobbies, or room for the kids to play around. Lots of homes have basements, which seem like the perfect place to expand into, but an unfinished basement is a cold, harsh expanse of…

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