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Multiply Your Rooms With A Unique Screen

Do you live in a small space and need to use your room for multiple purposes? Try a Room Divider.

Room Dividers make functional sections out of large rooms or set off a private area for special use. Room Dividers help define what each part of the room is used for.  They bring a “WOW” factor to any room as well as serving a purpose.

Dividers come in a variety of sizes, designs and styles.They can be used in formal or casual room settings. They are available in a 3 or 4 panels and in a variety of finishes. These folding screens can be made out of wood, rattan, rice paper finish or different types of metal. Heights can range from roughly 5-6’.

Room Dividers are  highly decorative as well as functional while sectioning off part of your room. If you are looking for discount carpet for your newly divided room or any other room check out Sloane’s selection in their giant warehouse.