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Making A Statement With Your Carpet

For most people, carpet is usually a neutral element of a room that you don’t pay much attention to — a shade of beige, maybe with some specks of another earth tone in it. Carpet is comfortable and functional, not fashionable.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Carpet can contribute to the stylish look of your living room or bedroom as much as any paint color, bedspread, or piece of furniture. If you want your floors to stand out, there are a few approaches you can take.

Gray Is Grabby

Gray carpet colors, from very pale, subtle shades to cool, bold tones, is strongly in style right now. Lighter grays tend to have an open, cool effect on a room, making it feel relaxing and airy and matching well with almost any other color you might use to decorate.

Darker grays, on the other hand, make a much bolder statement, adding a sense of luxury, warmth, and decadence to a study or a master bedroom. Dark gray, like any dark color, makes a room feel smaller and cozier — perfect for a minimally decorated room that needs something to bring it together.

Gray is also the perfect backdrop if you like to decorate with area rugs. While some shades of beige or tan might clash with a brightly colored or textured area rug, gray provides a neutral canvas that will make colorful furniture, rugs, and other decor really pop.

Be Bold With Color

In large rooms, most people tend to cover their floors with a light, neutral color to make the room feel open and bright. In smaller rooms, though, you really have a chance to be bold.

Jewel tone carpets — navy blue, forest green, and deep red, for example — are becoming more and more popular for small spaces. Cover a child’s bedroom with a dark blue carpet, then decorate with white furniture that will look like it’s floating on the ocean. Or carpet a second bedroom in red, then use rich walnut-colored furniture to create an opulent reading room.

Step Up Your Stairs

Lots of people have carpet on their stairs, but not many decide to use patterned carpet on them. Stairs are a transitional part of the house — like hallways, they signal movement from one area to another, from activity to relaxation or vice versa. Add some splash to that transition with a nice geometric pattern on your stairs that will clear your mind as you move from one area of the house to the other.

Just be careful to use a pattern with a scale smaller than the size of the stairs themselves. Large, blocky patterns will be interrupted by the edges of the stairs, breaking up the pattern and making it look disjointed and confusing instead of orderly.

Explore Patterns In Three Dimensions

Carpet patterns aren’t just about the colors — the weave of the carpet itself can add depth and excitement to an otherwise blank expanse of flooring. Some carpet styles incorporate a mix of cut-pile and loop fibers, while others use different lengths of cut pile or different loop heights to create a subtle three-dimensional look to your flooring. Pair those textures with new colors and fibers and you’ll have a floor that no one can ignore!

At Sloane’s we’re constantly updating our selection to keep up with the newest trends in carpet fashion. Check out the latest and greatest styles we carry and update your home’s look today!