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Make Sure Your Clients Replace the Carpet in This Room

When your clients are trying to sell their house, you want to turn it into the best-looking property you can. But you also want to move the house quickly — you don’t have time to remodel the entire house, and any money you spend will come out of your closing price.

Of course, you’re going to make sure there are no stains on the walls and no leaves in the front yard, but you might not want to spare the time or expense to do any remodeling. There’s one room that needs new flooring before you sell, though — the master bedroom.

Carpet Is the Best Flooring for Bedrooms

Other flooring surfaces are becoming more and more popular — hardwood floors have an air of elegance and luxury to them, and you can buy vinyl flooring that looks like wood, tile, or stone. But when it comes to bedrooms, carpet is the only way to go.

Carpet is a warm, comfortable surface on bare feet. It insulates your bedroom from heat, letting you create a soothing environment to sleep in. It also insulates you from sound, so noises downstairs won’t disturb you if you want to go to bed early or sleep in late. Finally, carpet is quicker and easier to replace than any hard flooring surface, since it doesn’t require a perfectly smooth subfloor.

Fixing Wear and Furniture Marks

The bedrooms in a home don’t get as much traffic as a living room, but the traffic they get is in a very specific place. People don’t usually move their beds, dressers, or bedside tables once they put them in the room, so there may be deep divots in the carpet where heavy furniture has been sitting for years on end.

The wear patterns in the carpet will also follow the furniture. People stand in front of their dressers and next to their beds in the same way every day, so once the room is empty, there are likely to be obvious signs of wear and discoloration in those areas. Steam cleaning can go a long way, but after ten years of residency, the carpets will almost certainly need to be replaced.

The Premium Feel of Carpet

When prospective buyers tour the house, they’ll probably be seeing an empty home. They’ll be imagining their own furniture, their own paint colors, and their own decor on the walls. But when they walk around the house, the floors will be the star of the show. New buyers want to move in, not replace carpets, so it’s important that the flooring looks its best.

A premium carpet in the master bedroom will give the whole room a premium, luxurious feel that makes the entire home feel well-kept, clean, and ready to be turned into a new family’s home.

Update Out-Of-Date Decor

Times change, and so do styles in interior decorating. If it’s been more than a decade since the house’s carpet was last changed, there’s a good chance that the styles of carpet have changed substantially.

Even if the carpet isn’t completely out of style — there’s not a lot of orange shag carpet left from the 1980s left in houses these days — carpet technology continues to advance. New materials, colors, and carpet styles are appearing on the market all the time.

More importantly, new carpets have much better durability, stain resistance, spill resistance, and eco-friendliness than older styles. Even if the appearance isn’t out of date, your clients will find newer carpets much easier to live with and maintain than the older styles that were in the house at the beginning.

Don’t Just Clean The Carpet

There are some sources that will tell you that you can just steam clean the carpet before you show the house, but we don’t recommend it.

While steam cleaning can get out some stains, it can’t clean the carpet entirely and it can’t hide signs of wear and tear. It’s not just the carpet you need to worry about — the foam pad underneath the carpet wears out as well, and you’ll be able to feel unevenness under the carpet when you walk on it.
When it comes to updating the look and feel of your home, carpet is by far the best bang for your buck — especially when you shop at Sloane’s! Check out our full range of name-brand carpets at unbeatable prices and make your next home sale unforgettable.