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Low Cost Budget Carpet Option – Carpet Tiles

High-traffic areas often mean that carpeting wears out quickly and needs replacing sooner. An inexpensive solution to commercial carpet heavy traffic wear is carpet tiles from our warehouse. These tiles are attractive and easy to install, and individual tiles can easily be replaced as needed.

Carpet tiles adhere to the floor with the use of carpet tape or a special adhesive. They can easily be trimmed to fit the exact dimensions of any room. When a tile becomes worn or stained, it is simple to remove it and then lay a new tile in its place.

There are numerous advantages to being able to replace individual tiles including:

– Takes little time to complete versus complete installation of new carpet
– Cost-effective, since only certain tiles need to be removed and replaced
– Replacing damaged carpet tiles helps prevent the appearance of unevenly worn sections of carpet
– Easy to match existing carpet since there is likely to be some leftover tiles after finishing an entire room.
– No need to tear up or replace the carpet padding
– Carpet tiles are not just for private residences-they also work well in commercial buildings as well. They are especially beneficial in an entryway or foyer since these areas receive a great deal of foot traffic. These areas are also the first places noticed by customers, so being able to remove and replace soiled tiles as needed will help this space remain welcoming and inviting.

At Sloane’s Carpet Secret, we have a huge selection of discounted carpet tiles. These high-end tiles have only slight irregularities that will not affect their appearance or durability. One of our experts will gladly assist you in choosing exactly the right style and number of carpet tiles for your project. Come by our showroom at 13100 Albrook Drive in Denver, Colorado or contact us to find out more.